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I’ve heard a lot of “moody” people complain about their moods, but I have yet to find a moody person that doesn’t also complain that their moods aren’t as good as they say they are. So, to answer this question as well, I think you can have a good mood and still be a moody person.

No, you are not moody.

The mood-mongers are just that: a group of people who complain that their moods are too good, or that their moods are not as good as they say they are. For them, a moody person is one who is depressed, or not happy about anything. There are also mood-maintainers, who like to pretend that their moods are the best they can be by keeping up with their friends in every single one of their every day activities.

This is the mood-maintaining group who are the most likely to abuse mood-mongers. People who pretend that their moods are better than they actually are, or people who are genuinely depressed by the way the world is.

We don’t have a name for these mood-maintainers yet so I’m referring to them as mood-mongers. These people are often a bit difficult to categorize because they don’t really fit into any of the categories we have right now. They are a little bit of everything: depressed, sad, or not happy.

They can get into arguments with other moodmongers, or they can simply pretend to be depressed so that they can keep their mood-maintaining group together and get away with anything. It can be frustrating because some of these people are genuinely angry at the world that they live in, but at the same time it also has benefits because they have a way to escape.

It’s a really confusing one with the moodmongers, as they seem to be very similar to each other in just about every way. It’s not entirely clear whether they all have one particular mood or if they are all moodmongers. But they seem very similar.

The ones who keep their mood-maintaining group together seem to be slightly more mood-driven, but still not really mood-driven. They seem to be more of an angry-angry mood. They can fight and kill with a calmness and composure. They also tend to have a more positive attitude in general. They also seem to have the same general vibe that these people have. And they all seem to have the same general attitude towards the world and others.

We don’t have a mood-maintaining group, but our group does have a tendency to have mood-induced moods. But they are not as extreme as the amnesiacs. The mood-maintaining ones seem to be slightly more out-of-control, and they are very angry and violent. The mood-maintaining ones seem to have a more positive attitude and a more confident attitude.

We’re getting a tad repetitive here, aren’t we? People here on Deathloop seem to be more down to earth than we are, and they seem to have a much more positive attitude than the amnesiacs. Most of the people here seem to have a good and positive vibe about life, and in particular about themselves.



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