How to Explain bear standing up to Your Mom


The best part of any hike is the bear that can be a part of it.

Bear is a word that’s often used in connection with the outdoors, but bear stands for any animal that can be a part of hiking. The bear’s role is to provide the necessary “stability” that allows you to hike through rough terrain safely. The bear’s body is constructed to help support the hiking gear that you wear.

Bears can be found in every type of terrain, from the polar bears of the Arctic to the grizzlies of the Great Plains. Bears are also known for their ability to get drunk, or really drunk, as well as their impressive strength.

The word bear is used in the scientific community for the term “bear,” and bear stands for “bison.” Bison is a term that comes from a bear living in nature. It isn’t a scientific term, but it’s a way of saying that it means something like “a bear” or “a large, furry animal” and “a bear standing up.

This bears ability to get drunk is really interesting. A lot of guys look at me and say, “Oh, so you were just sitting there and drinking vodka and cranberry juice while the bear came up and bit you?” (I always laugh. I’m not just drinking vodka and cranberry juice.) I know because a lot of guys at school were and I was, but I’ve always thought it was pretty cool.

You know, I went to school for four years and I was the one who was always the one to get the “joke” about getting drunk. I think for me it was just a sort of shorthand for “you’re an idiot”. I was always talking about how I was going to get drunk and I was going to get really wasted and get a friend to do it for me. I knew I was going to be drunk.

So apparently after graduating college, youre still a stupid drunk. But, apparently, after graduation, your drunk life has changed. Now youre a bear. Youre the one who got drunk off a gallon of vodka. Youre so drunk that you were able to stand up, but you still have to walk.

You see, bears are the only creatures who can get drunk. They can get drunk off a gallon of vodka, but it takes a little bit longer to do it. Also, bears are generally able to walk while drunk. But they have to be drunk. I mean, if youre already drunk, youre probably going to be drunk. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were able to get more drunk than a bear. I can’t imagine that it would be difficult at all.

I guess bear standing up has a limit. But bear walking around while drunk would be an awesome challenge. I mean, I could see a bear walking around a drunk person. How would you get a drunk person to step on a bear? I’m assuming you could climb on top of it, or something. But seriously, I wouldn’t be very surprised if a drunk bear would find its way to a drunken bear.

That’s the thing though. Drunk bears are already known for moving around drunk and then drinking beers. They are also known to have a very hard time standing up straight. I am not sure how it is possible to stand up with a drunk man on your back. I’d be embarrassed.



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