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Brady is a self-proclaimed “foodie” who loves to test the boundaries of what is possible. I first met Brady when he took me to his favorite restaurant, which happens to be a farm-to-table restaurant. It was a great experience and he was so passionate about the food that he brought me back the next year for a second visit. I would definitely recommend the farm-to-table restaurant to anyone looking for great tasting food.

Brady is always hungry and always on the hunt for new things to try. Since we met him, he has visited a number of restaurants and other food venues and is always ready to try something new. He has also started a campaign to share his experience by starting a blog called “Foodie Brad” which has featured him sharing his passion about food. If you have any questions or concerns about Brady, feel free to email

Brady has a great blog, but here at Nerd Nite, he’s been known as a foodie since the ’90s. So we think of him as a great foodie, but more than that, we’re always ready to eat something we’ve never tried before. And while we’re always on the hunt for different kinds of new things to try, we think he’s the most passionate and dedicated one of our writers to date.



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