20 Trailblazers Leading the Way in chouxnuts


For a long time, I was a fan of the choux (crêpes) as they looked like the perfect way to add some creaminess and flavor to a dish. I’ve since found that they are pretty heavy on the fat and sugar and tend to go on the wrong side of the plate. But last week, I was inspired after thinking about the idea of a smoothie that didn’t have a lot of fat and sugar and was made with real ingredients.

Chouxnuts are a pretty common way to add creaminess to a meal in my opinion. They look and taste like they could be a good substitute for butter, if the whole idea was to make a creamy sauce. I don’t think they’ll be a whole lot easier to find in your local supermarket, but they are surprisingly light. They are very easy to make and as a result, you can make a smoothie from scratch.

Chouxnuts are also very popular in the UK with people who are not familiar with them, but you have to try them in the UK before you can use them in your meals.



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