crying heart tattoo: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think


I have a tattoo of a crying heart on my chest. I love this tattoo so much that I have tattooed it on my other arm! I’m not sure why it came about, but I think it began with a simple prayer: “Why do I continue to feel like things are out of my control?” It’s hard to describe this feeling.

The tattoo itself is a symbol of the heart, but it also has a special significance within the tattoo community, and actually has been used as a part of several tattoo blogs, all of which have been featured on the new Heart Tattoo site. In this new site, the tattoo community is trying to find common ground, and they are striving to find ways on how they can work together to create a better world.

The heart is a heart, and has a special significance within the tattoo community. I actually don’t know what the heart tattoo actually stands for, but I think it is the feeling when you reach your ‘true’ heart. The heart is about the heart, and is a sign of the’soul.

The heart tattoo is a tattoo that you put on your chest to express your true feelings. Many tattooers are aware of this fact, and it is a very real thing that many people know how to do and feel it. There are many different versions of the tattoo, but the heart tattoo is probably the most popular.

I’ve only seen one person in my life who has ever had a heart tattoo. It was before I knew how to read or write, but it was a huge sign that I was really into something. And I didn’t care at all that I didn’t know how to get one, so in that sense it felt perfect. It was like knowing your true self, and being able to express it with pride.

What does it mean to you? Ive been told that the tattoo is supposed to mean the heart’s desire is to be fulfilled. I’ve never been told the meaning, but I’ve never had a heart tattoo. The one person I’ve heard about that has one, a woman from a group called “Heart Tattoo”, is the most interesting and beautiful person I’ve ever met.

So, the tattoo is about two things: the tattoo artist and the heart. To me, it means that the heart is seeking fulfillment in your life. It is not a curse or a sign of some other disease, because you have an unlimited supply of loving, caring, and generous people in your life.

What the tattoo means, I can’t say. However, I did find it quite interesting that the tattoo artist was a woman. I am not sure why there would be a woman artist making what seems like a simple tattoo, but I am not convinced that this is anything else than a love and dedication.



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