dry humor memes: A Simple Definition


This blog post is really old, so I’m going to take a page out of my older posts and share a few of my own. If you’re looking for funny memes, I think they’ll be pretty hilarious.

Funny memes are a great way to get people to post your own memes. Its a great way to get them to come back and visit, and it also makes your page look awesome, which is always good for your rankings.

A good example of a good meme is the one that was found on a website for the Nintendo Switch port. A long time ago Nintendo had a trailer that showed a few games and a few images of a fish swimming in water. A meme was in the front page of this blog, and someone posted it on the front page of their site.

Well this is a bad example, because the meme was actually posted not on the front page, but on the front page of a different website. So it wasn’t the best meme in the world. It’s a good example though, because the image of the fish in the water is something we could use to promote our own meme.

The fish is actually the image of our own meme, but its a bad example because it is an image of a fish swimming in water.

If we take a look at the original image of the fish its a good example of how a meme can be very effective, but it is a bad example of a meme. A meme is a way to express a thought or idea. In a meme, the idea is expressed by something in the water (or even in the air). The best thing about memes is that they are really versatile and can be used across a variety of mediums. So they work very well online.

We’re not saying that memes are bad or that they can’t be effective, but they can be difficult to use and you have to remember the medium you are using. For instance, if I’m talking about jokes on Twitter and I say “The fish swims in water and in the air, so I guess that makes it a meme,” then you might be thinking that is a joke, and thus it is not a meme.

In fact, if you’re talking about jokes on Twitter and you say fish in water and air, the person tweeting you will probably consider this a joke and not think it is a meme. They will probably think that it is the most perfect joke ever and they will even retweet it. However, if you say This is the fish in the air, and then say fish in water, then that is a meme.

I think this may be a case where you need to really think about it. Although memes are meant to be funny, if you say that a meme is a joke, then you might be saying something wrong because a joke is something that is meant to be funny. It is not a joke if it is not meant to be funny, just like the fish in the air meme is not a meme if it is not meant to be funny.

It’s funny when you just think about it. I’ve seen a lot of people say stupid things at the end that they didn’t even realize they were saying. It’s funny when someone says “this is just wrong.” I think it’s very, very hard to just do it the way you’re doing it.



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