fake love poems


I don’t need to fake it. I know myself. I only need to fake it for my own benefit.

I know.

I’ve been practicing writing fake love poems for about a year now. I’m pretty good at writing poems that sound fake, but not so good at writing poems that seem to be genuinely from real people.

I just read a few poems that were supposed to be real love poems and I was surprised with how they sounded (actually, not so surprised). The poems were from a series called “The Fake Poems Project” by Christopher Moore, a friend of mine. Moore is a writer as well as a poet/painter. He’s worked on many different types of fiction over the years, and his poems are actually pretty good.

Moore has a site dedicated to his fake poems that he posts to. So far the site has only posted five poems, but they’re well worth a look.

The site has a lot of fake poetry pages with a lot of hidden words and phrases to get you to know them better. These pages are like a huge library of real “love poems.” Some of them are quite beautiful or even hilarious. All the poems in the site are pretty good, but a number of them just don’t do anything for you.

Actually, I think anyone who has a fake poem site they like to post will be able to guess the rest of what it is. But if you want to know a little bit more about the guy, look at his Poetry Archive page. It’s full of beautiful poems, but not necessarily good ones.

I’ve never liked fake love poems. They are just as much an expression of ego and vanity as real poems are. That said, you can get some pretty amusing ones if you’re willing to do a little bit of research. This guy, for example, is a very real poet. He writes real love poems.

He writes real poems that are not just pretty but actually quite nice. Like this one.

The fake love poems on are all pretty much exactly the same. They are just fake poetry. They are all about the same. They are all pretty much the same. They are all just pretty. But they are all just a little different.



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