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The word “idaho” is an old name for Idaho, but now it is more often used to refer to the state in northern Idaho. It was named after the state capital, which was also called Idaho. Idaho State University is the state’s only public university.

I live in the state of Idaho, but I don’t really have an Idaho upbringing. When I was a kid, the only place I ever went back to was our family’s summer camp in the mountains. But it was in Idaho that I first started to develop a love of the outdoors, and that also led to a love of writing for the outdoors.

When I was a kid, I used to visit the state of Idaho with my family. But those were the days before there was a state library in Idaho. I can still recall spending hours wandering through the state capital, and I remember the library as being small and dingy and dark. It was always dark inside, too. I just had to get out my flashlight and search for my books. And it was at this library that I started to write fiction.

I had always wanted to write for the outdoors, and I was able to take one of the first steps toward that. One of the things I loved about Idaho is the high quality of life, and the natural beauty. I could sit and watch clouds float by, and I could just sit and watch the wildlife. I had a natural talent for writing, and I wanted to use that natural talent to help make Idaho a better place to live.

I grew up in Montana and Idaho, and I had no idea where it was in between. Now I do. Idaho is a wide open space of diverse landscapes, from the vastness of the Flathead Valley to the quietness of the mountains to the rolling hills of the Snake River Valley. In the Flathead Valley there are so many national parks that you can easily spend an entire summer hiking and exploring, and in the mountains you can find the most beautiful lakes, rivers, and lakes.



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