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liz young sofi is a girl who loves to cook and bake. She is the co-founder of a local food truck called liz sofi and is a cookbook author. She is also the creator and host of the liz young sofi Podcast where she interviews fellow food truckers and hosts conversations on food, cooking, and other topics. We are both very passionate about food and love sharing what we are cooking with you.

She is an amazing person and I am lucky to be on the same page with her. She is a great communicator and makes cooking and other topics feel more intimate. She is a true talent and a gifted cook.

Oh my gosh, I love Liz. The woman is a sweetheart. She is funny and kind and smart. Her podcast is a blast to listen to and I have listened to it for quite some time now. It’s always a big hit with my friends and I love talking about food with her. I wish I could be like her. I want to be able to make some delicious meals with the food I love and also impress my social media friends.

Liz, you know you’re not supposed to cook or cookin’ the fire in my apartment. You’re supposed to cook the fire, but I think you can cook anything. You have to learn how to be a fireman. And cooking the fire is a lot easier than you think. I think Liz has to learn to cook the fire a lot harder.

I love how you can put a little fire on your food. You can put out about 40 pounds of food every day, so that’s a lot. And the fire is pretty much impossible. You have to learn how to make a fire. I think you can do that. Your friends really enjoy you cooking. You have to learn how to cook the fire.

It reminds me of a scene from the Hunger Games, where Katniss and Peeta have to make a fire for the arena. I think they do it quite well, but they really need to learn how to make the fire. And I think its like this, you are basically cooking the fire. It just takes a little bit of training and practice. I think its really easy to make fire.

I think most people would agree that most people who are interested in cooking should learn how to make the fire. Especially Peeta. It is actually easy to make a fire, but it is a bit of work. The fire is completely different from most other things you do, but at the same time it is fun. I think it requires less training and more practice.

I think this is a very lazy way to cook because you are just chopping and throwing on the fire and it isn’t that hard to do. You don’t need to practice, you just have to be willing to do it.

Its funny because I remember when I was a kid I learned to make fire from a book called “The Fire Book” that was written by a friend of mine. He was in a fire fight and he was trying to make a fire while everyone else was trying to cook. I think the book was written in the 60s. It was so awesome. I thought making fire was cool.

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