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This week’s guest-blogger is author and cognitive psychologist Matthew Dillon Cohen.

Matthew has written a number of articles and blog posts for popular sites about the power of mind/body consciousness. He’s written about how mind and body are actually inter-connected, what happens to a person’s memory when they die, and why we don’t experience pain as an ordinary physical sensation.

As usual, you can find Matthew through his own website, You can also check him out at Google Plus.

Matt Cohen, author of the book Mind Body Medicine, is an internationally recognized and sought-after thought leader in the field of cognitive psychology. His book Mind Body Medicine, and the book that inspired it, are sold all over the world.

I know this because I had a long discussion with a person who said that we have to be a lot more honest in our personal lives. I’ve been the guy who, just recently, got caught in the middle of a really bad breakup or divorce. The person in question took me aside and said, “I’ve just been telling people that I’m going to a wedding and I’m not going to let them see me suffer.

The truth was, I was going to a wedding. I was also going to a wedding and not going to let people see me suffer. I think that this person was actually saying, I’ve been hiding myself and how I feel about things from the people I love. A lot of times, this kind of goes without saying, but its important to be honest and open with the people closest to you.

I get it, you have feelings that you try to keep hidden. But its okay to talk about them, even if it hurts. People need to know that they can talk to you about their feelings without getting hurt or going crazy.

I don’t know about you, but I feel that I’ve been hiding from my friends. I don’t know if this person had something to do with it, but I feel like they’ve been hiding me and trying to manipulate me into thinking I’m cool. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it has to be true.

As I already touched on, it is a safe way to talk about feelings. But I have to say that it can be tough. I have been a very closed person for a very long time. I don’t want to be perceived as closed. If you read my old post about my feelings, you would realize that I’ve not been open about them for a very long time.

I think the only real way to get through this is to talk about them, but that’s hard. People try to push me into doing so. I have been very private about my feelings for a very long time. Also, people like me are also extremely private. If I were to tell someone who knew me that I was gay, they would probably laugh at me. I dont think I’ve told anyone.



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