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It’s not just that we feel territorial. We also often feel like we’re the only ones who understand what we’re talking about. Our thoughts, beliefs, and actions are often the result of a complex web of cultural norms, and it’s easy to get lost in the maze of social expectations.

For our example, its easy to say that your thoughts are your own and that you should be allowed to express yourself as you see fit. But if you’re talking to the person who is clearly on the other end of the conversation, you’re talking to someone who sees you as a social outcast. And that’s just wrong. You’re not the only person who’s seen this.

It seems that many programmers are starting to see this. I believe that developers in general have a problem with their own cultural norms. We tend to believe that we can only be as successful or as powerful as we want to be because others think were supposed to be. We have this idea that being a good person or doing the right thing is the only way to be successful. That mentality doesn’t work for developers because they have to have the same values as everyone else.

I think this is a problem, because when you start thinking of your code as your own, you lose your sense of individuality. Being an individual is one of the things that makes us human. We can all see that individual code and know that it was written by a single person, but we can’t really know what that person thinks or feels or wants. This also leads to a problem, not knowing what you want to do if you are at work.

I think what a lot of people seem to get is that they can’t figure out what they’re planning to do with the things that they’re developing. Because they don’t have a plan, the only things that they’re able to figure out are what they want, what they need, and what they need to do with the next steps in development.

This is something that I have found myself doing a lot lately. I find myself not knowing what I want to do with an idea in a project, or to do with an idea that I have.

I could see this happening a lot more often than I think. If you’re not careful you will find yourself in situations where just the thought of actually doing something makes you feel really nervous. Like in one of my first jobs, I was developing some software for a client. We were on the phone for a few hours and then the client, in a fit of frustration, wanted a demo of the software.

This was during the early days of the internet. People were using the internet to figure out how to get an idea into a working product. Even the first web sites were not designed with that in mind. Then, as the internet started to get more popular, people started to want to prototype in specific locations. This is when many companies would start to develop web sites and start to experiment with different ways to organize their content.

In some ways that is also true of the software. Today we can get an idea of how the software works, but if it is still in beta, we can’t even begin to figure out how to actually use it.

We do have a few ideas for how the software works, but we’ll dive into it more in a moment.



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