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I am not a tractor supply specialist but I know one thing for sure: when it comes to apple tree care, the supply is not always the best. After all, most trees are not in perfect condition when they are planted. When apple trees are in the ground they are susceptible to disease, mites, fungus, and everything else that can attack a tree.

For instance, at the end of the last episode we saw a squirrels that were in black water and had a sickly orange eye. I think that’s an improvement.

I think you’re right, but I also think that it’s not entirely because of apples, it’s a whole host of other reasons. One of them is the way that the tractor supply plant is a huge supplier of apples. Another is that there are so many trees and they are all just being planted in one spot, so the supply is spotty. Thirdly, there are a lot of people getting to work right now and planting trees in California.

I am not sure I understand what you mean by “spotty supply”, but maybe that is because they have a lot of trees that will not get planted. Also, I’d imagine that you could get a bigger tractor on the east coast, because there are a lot more people getting to work right now.

There are definitely a lot more trees out there, and a lot more people planting them. It’s the same thing with apples, of course. While there are tons of trees on the east coast there are also tons of people planting apples. I think a lot of farms in the Pacific Northwest are just right now planting apples, but that is because the weather has been cold and wet for a little while.

As for the tractor supply on the west coast, you could probably get a bigger tractor there too, because its not like its a small market.

Well, since I’m a long-time fan of apple-picking in my part of the country, I guess we should all take a look at our apple trees. We’re told that there are tons of apple trees on the west coast. However, I had to wonder if that was because there are so many people who want to plant them and because there are so many different varieties.

I also am always curious how much apple trees you can find in one place. There is a company in California that offers a variety called “Raspberry Pear”. They are said to be very delicious and a good source of vitamin C, but I’m not sure I have that much apple in me to go around.

I had no idea there were so many apple varieties on earth. I think I would get sick of eating them if I did ever go back there and take a trip. That’s the weird thing with apple varieties. You can grow a couple of different apple varieties in one place, but you can’t grow them in the same place for the same reason that you can’t have two different oranges in the same fruit bowl. The same thing happens when it comes to apples.

Not only are there hundreds of apples on the planet, but they’re all different. But then again, I guess there’s some things in the world that are just so weird that you cant even have a conversation about it. Like apples.



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