Landslide Varieties And Processes

Obduction the method by which a crustal plate overrides another plate for a brief distance. Nonflowing artesian nicely a well in which water from the tapped aquifer must be pumped to the surface. Negative polarity of a rock, the polarity created when the earth’s magnetic field was reversed, which lowered the earth’s internet area power. Mountain root a bulge of continental crust downward into the mantle beneath a mountain. Mountain belt long chains of mountain ranges; usually hundreds of kilometers long. Modified Mercalli scale a rating system for the intensity of an earthquake, ranking it from 1 to 12 relying on the amount of ensuing injury.

Zone of fracture the more rigid portion of a glacier close to its floor. Zone of accumulation of a glacier, the upper portion that is perennially lined with snow. Waves of oscillation waves within the open sea; so named because of the orbital motion of water particles in them. Wave refraction a process by which breaking waves turn out to be more parallel with the shore. Wave reduce platform a flat-lying bench of eroded rock left behind by a sea cliff’s retreat. Volcanic dome a rounded volcanic feature, shaped from thick, viscous magma, that creates a plug within the vent of a volcano.

Isostasy the equilibrium, or balance, between adjacent blocks of crust overlying the mantle. Interior drainage pattern a drainage sample by which streams empty into landlocked basins. Ice sheet a glacier that covers a broad expanse of land and isn’t restricted to a channel. Ice cap a glacial ice mass that’s centered on a highland area and migrates outward in all directions. Half-life the time it takes for half of a known quantity of radioactive materials to transform to daughter merchandise.

The Downie Slide was recognized prior to the development of the Revelstoke Dam, and was transferring very slowly on the time of dam building (a few cm/year). It is necessary to keep in mind that this is an analytic approach producing a limited assessment of an area quite than a technique developed by an interpretative course of. Landslides usually are not at present amenable to danger assessment since there is no foundation to determine the likelihood of landslides occurring within a given time period. Hazard assessments are attainable and can be used instead of danger assessments.

A Roche Moutonnée is a symmetric bedrock hill shaped by the flow of glacier ice. The steepest angle at which these sediments can accumulate and stay steady. Waves and streams can undercut banks and cliffs, inflicting them to fail.

Foreland basin a shallow continental basin behind a magmatic arc, a results of subsidence. Failed rift rifting that ceases before the crustal mass has been separated into parts. Exotic terrane a terrane that did not kind naturally via accretion and has probably collided with the continental margin. Estuary a drowned river mouth from an older shoreline; appears as a long arm of ocean water extending inland from the coast.

For instance, the size of a printed bedrock map may differ from the other issue maps. The first step is to arrange a map of the inventoried existing landslides. Figure 15.7 The contribution of freeze-thaw to rock fall A typical talus slope, close to Keremeos in southern B.C., is shown in Figure 15.8.

A slump is a kind of slide that takes place inside thick unconsolidated deposits . Slumps involve movement along one or more curved failure surfaces, and are thus rotational slope failures. Slumps have downward movement near the highest and outward motion towards the bottom (Figure 15.14). They are typically caused by high water pressure within these supplies on a steep slope.

Similarly, in 1996 residents in a nearby subdivision began reporting distress to their homes. This misery continued till 2012 when 18 properties grew to become uninhabitable because chris brown electric skateboard of extensive injury and were eliminated. This caused disastrous flooding upstream in the Soldier Creek and Thistle Creek valleys, submerging the town of Thistle.

Strike the compass bearing of the line formed by the intersection of a tilted bedding aircraft with the horizontal plane. Stream gradient the downhill slope of a channel; typically measured in ft per mile. Star dune an isolated hill of sand formed by variable winds in the Sahara and Arabian deserts; the base of the dune resembles a multipointed star. Solution weathering the process by which sure minerals are fully dissolved by acidic options. Snow line of a glacier, the irregular boundary between the zone of accumulation and the zone of wastage. Slot canyon a vertical-walled canyon the place mass-wasting processes have been very restricted.

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