Mina is a thief and swindler who lives alone. She travels and not utilizing a function, the one dream she has is to just journey around the world. She tries to hide her appearance in order that none knows that she is a woman. She steals from wealthy folks’s homes to earn money for herself. She can’t use Ninjutsu, however can use Taijutsu very well.

” Temari replied and moved nearer to Naruto. I’m so glad you made him joyful,” Temari stated over exaggerating her emotion of disappointment and gratitude, and by now she was additionally which word best describes the speaker’s relationship to “some men” in “summer”? hugging Naruto. “Uhm, so how was your journey and coaching with one of many legendary Sannin, Naruto-kun?

“It just occurred to me that I’ve by no means actually gotten to thanks for a number of things.” She moved her face a little nearer to Naruto’s. “Showing Gaara that he doesn’t have to kill to prove his existence.” Closer. “Saving his life after Akatsuki took him.” Her breath brushed over his lips. Temari, like every kunoichi he’d seemingly met, was gorgeous. Her face was slightly harsher however it lent her a fierce kind of magnificence and the no-nonsense bunches she’d wrangled her hair into emphasised it.

A couple of minutes later Naruto was dragged to sit down at the table with two large bowls of steaming ramen positioned in entrance of him. They had a ton of toppings, and resembled the Super Ramen Special Bowl they served at Ichiraku. The two kunoichis have been on the opposite finish of the desk. They have been slightly leaning on the edge of the table and staring attentively at Naruto.

” Tenten requested, attempting to begin a dialog. “Yea, I’m sure each of you would be great wives,” Naruto said obliviously. He forgot the assignment and what the ladies deliberate to do to him yet again, as a result of the ramen received him off monitor. After listening to Naruto’s comment, each ladies smiled mischievously, and slightly blushed.

She was placed on her father’s group with Neji, TenTen and Lee. She’s a incredible healer and a lot like Hinata, just not in love with Naruto. When Yuuri, Neji, Kankuro and Sakura… She tries to keep away from situations that she will’t deal with. She has a excessive ability to assess conditions.

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