Rn Group Health 2016a Flashcards

B) I should not doc the name of the individual the client accuses of the abuse within the client’s medical record. C) I ought to wait till I see signs of physical abuse before I assist the client develop a safety plan. D) I ought to refer a client for a rape kit examination if she stories sexual assault inside the previous 24 hours. “Once I determine that client just isn’t at risk for abuse, I do not have to ask about it at future visits.” B. “I shouldn’t document the name of the person the client accuses of the abuse within the shopper’s medical record.” C. “I should wait until I see indicators of bodily abuse earlier than I help the client develop a safety plan.” D.

A public well being nurse is growing a presentation for native day care suppliers about infectious childhood diseases. Which of the following statements ought to the nurse include? “Respiratory syncytial virus is spread via contact with respiratory secretions from an contaminated individual.” B. “Rotavirus infections in youngsters peak during the summer season months.” C. A house well being nurse is planning look after the day. Which of the following clients ought to the nurse visit first?

A) Prepare the outer side of the higher arm for the injection. B) Insert the needle at a 45 degree angle. C) Inject zero.1 mL of purified protein derivative. D) Create a wheal that measures about 15 mm in diameter. A CHN is creating a plan of take care of a client who is hispanic.

A) I won’t should completely cease consuming alcohol if I go into an inpatient remedy program. B) Once I make it via detoxification, I shall be freed from my habit. C) I am not eligible for an outpatient program until I even have accomplished an inpatient program first. D) )I can expect to get assist with other features of my life whereas in therapy. Set up a formal assembly with the nurse within 24hrs A nurse is receiving change of shift report.

A CHN suspects an outbreak of scabies within the local space. A) Educate the group about disease transmission. D) Discuss therapy plans with the clients households. A nurse is educating a client who has a new diagnosis of hepatitis A how to forestall the spread of the virus. Which of the following directions ought to the nurse include?

“Adjust your chair so that your elbows are at desk height.” A) A record of residents who have skilled a hurricane prior to now and gained’t want evacuation. B) A list of areas within the neighborhood where residents converse English as a second language.

“I hope my sibling will be in a position to visit and help care for mother for a few days.” C. “I am glad that my job is versatile, so I can accommodate my mother’s wants.” D. “I don’t suppose my associate like having to help more with the family chores.” Review the shopper’s request with the family. The youngster has purple fissures on the corners of the mouth. A nurse in a rural group is planning training for a younger grownup shopper who’s a migrant farm worker.

A) A consumer states he witnessed his mom bodily mistreat his father. B) A client states that her mother-in-law provides childcare while she is working. C) A client participates in volunteer actions locally. D) A shopper lives in the identical which description best defines health? neighborhood where he spent his childhood years. A palliative care nurse is educating a consumer who has cancer concerning the companies that are available for the consumer.

“I ought to refer a consumer for a rape kit examination if she stories sexual assault within the previous 24 hours.” A nurse is preparing an educational program about influenza for a gaggle of group health nurses. Which of the next activities should the nurse embody for example of tertiary prevention. Offer lessons to elementary faculty academics about hand washing B.

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