Which Black Lives Matter?

The useful buyer was likely a moslim…perhaps the woman’s husband. I forgot to mention that it will not be a jihadwatch story without a little conspiracy thrown in. Yes, Muslim Lebel, Islam is pure evil and its aim is our (the West’s) destruction. That’s been Islam’s aim for the explanation that Arab/Moor invasion of Spain in 711. It’s all Jihad — invading and conquering others till Islam achieves world hegemony. Please notice the byline, and the explanation elsewhere here in the feedback section from Mateen Elass about why and in what sense he used the word.

I perceive your frustration, JawsV. If you encountered somebody wearing a KKK outfit or a Nazi stormtroope’rs uniform you’d be vilified and excoriated for not confronting them. Assuming that this is all actual, this lady supports and is a member of essentially the most evil ideology on earth. Yet, within the West, she isn’t thought-about the hater, those that oppose her are considered haters. In a sane western world, islam can be mocked, ridiculed, deported and legislated out of existence, We are at war and we are being infiltrated by the enemy and it’s time we started acting prefer it. To me the bottom line is would such an action as this man took assist or harm our war effort.

Instead, Shari’a mandates execution of those that go away the faith, hoping by the imposition of fear to quell the spread of doubt among its lots. For example, in simply the final month, 17 villagers had been slaughtered in Macomia, Mozambique (5/30) when jihadis stormed their city. That similar day in Burkina Faso, Muslims attacked two villages, Barsalogho and Loroum, killing thirteen and 15 noncombatants respectively. The subsequent day, at a livestock market in Kompienbiga , Muslim militants fired into the gang, killing 30 innocents. That similar day (5/31) in Itakpa, Nigeria, jihadis with machetes hacked thirteen locals to death in their homes.

It is encouraging to see somebody escape Islam and turn out to be a Christian. So, the world is about 1/3 Christian, 1/3 Muslim, the remainder are Hindu, then Buddhists, then a comparatively small however growing group of Atheists lurking within the various backwaters of faith. In a far corner of atheism are the Extropians (h+), and a small subset of these are the Vindictive Extropians, like myself, who seek bodily immortality and supremacy over their enemies. The aged h+ believers take massive sublingual doses of Nicotinamide mononucleotide and plenty of Metformin, eat salad, and lurk quietly waiting to merge with Artificial Intelligence and dominate the world.

On the opposite hand, a convert to Judaism would establish as a Jew. Most people have no bother discerning which which means is supposed by the context. I am sorry that you are not in a position to do this. Nonetheless, because you asked, you are forgiven. West, Islam and Judaism ARE NOT even near being the identical factor, though given the greatest way issues are within the pcusa today I suppose it’s not all your falt.

It isn’t “phobic” to despise a completely despicable ideology. And anyone who wears the uniform of Islam is stating that they embrace & help that evil ideology. And they shouldn’t be stunned if sane, freedom-loving people have an issue with that. Mateen’s un-ironic use of the word “Islamophobia’ smells fishy. That’s enough to inform me that he really doesn’t get it. I’m sorry that you [pii_email_e048ec61abf5827dd049] are offended that Christians have a proper to defend their own folks towards a non secular cult in search of to annihilate them off the face of the earth, however that’s precisely that battle that we are making ready to fight in the future.

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