Bulk Tumblers Supply By Alibaba 


A tumbler is a type of drinking glass or cup that is specially used for hot or cold drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, lemonade, and more. If you want the high-quality bulk tumblers to start your own business you can order them from Alibaba.

Alibaba is a multinational company that also supplies high-quality bulk tumblers for the business of tumblers. Now you can get high-quality and fine material tumblers. If you want to buy these tumblers, just click on the link mentioned above and order them now.

Now in this article, we are going to talk about the best supplies of bulk tumblers by Alibaba. You are gonna have all the information related to the best suppliers of these tumbler bulk. So now let’s check in to the article to grab all the information.

High-Quality Bulk Tumblers

Here we are talking about the best suppliers of tumblers. They make high-quality double-walled tumblers. They are reusable as well as very premium quality. They also contain a  straw in the lid for best drinking.

The quality is verified by the services of Alibaba. These girls are made up of high-quality and colorful plastic that is recyclable. On-time shipment with triad service verification is done by the best services of Alibaba. They are available in attractive designs and shapes according to the demand of customers.

Other Important Details

  • They are plastic timber cups with lid and straw
  • Its capacity is almost 22oz
  • Pp and ps high-quality material
  • Logo customized service and designs are available
  • Sample service is available with different duration
  • Over all dimension are 96x66x198mm
  • Available in different colors 
  • Used for drinking purposes at the home, office, indoor or outdoor
  • It is very sustainable
  • Price may vary according to order

Wholesale Bulk Tumblers

Now let’s talk about the wholesale consumption of these high-quality tumblers. If you want to order a large amount of these tumblers then Alibaba can help you. Alibaba has a variety of these tumblers including plastic, stainless steel, ceramic, and many more.

This business provides the best skinny slim, acrylic pastel-colored matte tumblers. The quality is ensured by the services of Alibaba. They are available in lots of colours according to the demand of customers. You can also customize your own company logo and start your own business of getting tumblers. let’s check out further details of these high-quality tumblers.

Other Important Details

  • This company supplies 100000 pieces per month
  • They have a straw and lid along the cup
  • Can be used at school, home, office, on different occasions, at gatherings, traveling, and more
  • Its stock is ready to ship
  • Thousand of businesses buy the best tumblers from here
  • They have a non-rubber coating, 
  • They are sustainable and can be stocked


In this article, we discuss the most unique topic from the services of Alibaba. We talk about the best supplies of bulk tumblers, we provide all the basic information related to the product. Hope so this article was helpful to get all the required information.



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