MediTech EHR Vs Medhost: All You Need to Know


The MediTech EHR system is an on-premise Electronic Health Records (EHR) application that provides clinical charting for healthcare practitioners working in midsize clinics and community hospitals. Klas has deemed it the finest for 2021 in Acute Care EMR, Patient Accounting, Patient Management, as well as Home Health EHR. The MEDHOST EHR program has been appreciated widely in the emergency room setting. Fortunately, the EDIS (Emergency Department Information System) was created in conjunction with nurses and doctors who are aware of the true requirements of this market. Users can take advantage of real-time patient data, easy connectivity with pharmacies, laboratories, and more, as well as the advantageous documentation system for all parties.

Keep reading further to read more about its features, reviews and pricing. 

MediTech EHR Software

Medhost is a cloud-based software solution that enables hospital administrators and physicians to expedite operations by creating operational improvements and meeting daily regulatory requirements. Meditech assists medical facilities in managing their day-to-day operations so that they may provide more effective care and superior customer service. It is utilized by health organizations of all sizes to do duties including charting and recording, scheduling, revenue management, and more. It enables clinicians to document and chart patient information electronically, resulting in enhanced productivity, increased revenue, and improved healthcare quality. Additionally, it helps organizations handle at-home patient duties, make orders, arrange appointments, bill for services, and manage documentation.

MediTech EHR Key Features 

Time-Tracking Tools 

Utilize time-tracking systems to electronically link patient appointments to healthcare visits. Employ EVV schedule clocks to precisely pinpoint location, time-in, and time-out in order to capture and validate field personnel visits. This feature can maintain a check and balance on workflow, that is, appointments, reporting etc. 


Enable a seamless data transfer between systems to improve accuracy and efficiency. Using a one-touch record system, acute hospitals can share and exchange clinical data and instructions. Moreover, integration allows a quicker pace of work and this way no time is wasted as an interoperability takes place.

Document Management 

Spend considerable time concentrating on patients while recording and charting the data pertaining to each patient. You just need to document a patient’s information once, and then you can save it for later use.

MediTech EHR Pricing 

The organization has not provided any information regarding the pricing structure. There is not a free trial or version that can be downloaded at this time. This means that the software offers a custom plan. 

MediTech EHR Demo

If you have any remaining doubts and are contemplating whether it is beneficial to invest in Meditech EHR, you can always request a free demonstration. Because it allows the user to explore the software’s many functions, a demo can be incredibly informative and persuasive.

MediTech EHR Reviews 

Approximately 67% of customers have mentioned that the site offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, as well as that it is simple to browse. Eighty percent of reviewers who commented on the platform’s learning curve pointed out that it was easy to quickly become proficient with the system. On the other hand, users have pointed out some flaws that users who mentioned customization claimed that it cannot be tailored to their specific needs. According to around 86% of users who commented on performance, the system is sluggish and occasionally buggy.

MEDHOST Software 

Built by and for professionals, the MEDHOST EHR provides treatment centered on the patient. The easy interface that streamlines documentation and optimizes workflows enables users to spend more time with patients and administer better treatment. It has adaptable features that improve health outcomes and business intelligence for both single and many sites. The various modules assist health care professionals in fostering better ties with patients and facilitating more efficient administration. MEDHOST focuses heavily on the provision of financial solutions.

MEDHOST Key Features


Boost financial performance by streamlining administrative processes, such as account receivables, contract administration, denial tracking, cash posting, insurance billing, and payment-payroll statement processing. Simplify credit balances, claim statuses, submissions of requests, and more.


Incorporate diverse data sources, including as treatment notes, improvement charts, e-prescriptions, and billing bills, into a single repository. Staff personnel, administrative teams, lab techs, and physicians must collect and record patient health reports. Access extensive data tables in a centralized location for insightful analysis and data-driven decision making.

Patient Portal

Allow patients to view their own and their family’s medical records. Offer real-time access to test results, lab reports, and e-prescriptions. Facilitate physician-patient communication, information charting, questionnaire completion, and appointment calendar management, including appointment self-scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation.

MEDHOST Pricing 

The pricing information for this product is not publicly available. Users can contact the seller for price details and to request a quote. The ‘get pricing’ option can be utilized over here to get a custom package according to one’s budget.


Want to determine whether investing in this program is worthwhile? You can book an easy demonstration to see how it operates. Demonstrating the software’s capabilities in depth can help you decide if it meets your requirements. Additionally, it will allow you to become more acquainted with its features.


Online reviews indicate that people are pleased with MEDHOST’s performance as an ER tracker. It is user-friendly and makes adding users simple for providers. There are no difficulties, and the information is relatively simple to locate. Additionally, it facilitates the management of patients and their data.


Meditech is a user-friendly EHR system that simplifies charting, documentation, and patient data retrieval. Reviewers felt the method to be overly simple. Users discovered that it aids in keeping data cleanly and securely organized, resulting in a pleasant user experience. Without overwhelming users, the platform facilitates usability and navigation. The MEDHOST software, on the other hand, is user-friendly and loaded with versatile capabilities that improve health outcomes and business intelligence for both single and multiple sites.



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