Summer Precautions For Canines 


I think most of us can agree that summer is the most exciting season of the year. The weather gives way to a lot of outdoor activities. You do not have to worry about canceling your plans because of some rain or storm. You may get too excited with the activities you have planned for spending the summer with your furry friend but do not forget the safety precautions. When going out, always put your safety first. Your pup cannot talk, so you have to keep a close eye on them to keep them safe and free from any discomfort. Before doing any major activity, do not forget to get your dog checked. You can search for “top vets in Brooklyn” or wherever you live online to see where the closest and best vet clinics are. To continue, here is a list of precautionary measures to remember, especially during the summer. 

Never leave your dog inside a car alone.

This should be basic knowledge. However, there are still some pet owners who are careless and leave their dogs and pets inside their cars. Never leave them alone inside your car, no matter how quick you leave them or how comfortable they seem. Even if you leave the windows open, it is windy, or it seems cool, no matter what the weather is, do not leave them alone inside. Even if you’re planning on taking a quick pee break or just leaving for five minutes, don’t leave them. You’ll never know what you might encounter that may delay you. Keep in mind that temperatures inside a car can rapidly increase. If you cannot take them with you when you leave the car, just let them stay at home instead. 

Look out for parasites.

Insects like bees, wasps, and mosquitos are everywhere during the summer. Do not forget about the pesty parasites like those mites, lice, fleas, and ticks. Always check your dog’s environment and keep them clean and safe. If your dog stays in a place where these insects and parasites are, chances are your dog might get infected with parasites or get stung by those insects. Getting stung by mosquitos, wasps or bees cause extreme discomfort, so keep them away from places where these animals live in. 

Be extra mindful about parasites. These small parasites may seem harmless, but they may be a threat to your dog’s life. They are carriers of a lot of diseases and illnesses which are harmful, and some are even deadly. Some examples of the diseases that these parasites carry are Flea-borne (murine) typhus, Babesiosis; Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tapeworms, Ringworms, Oropsylla Montana, and  Xenopsylla cheopis.

Rent a lifevest

If you plan on going to the beach with your dog or any boat riding activity, be sure to rent a lifevest. It is a myth that all dogs can swim or are natural swimmers. Put on a lifevest for your dog to keep them safe in an accident. Even if your dog does know how to swim and by some unfortunate event, the boat sinks, even if they swim and keep themselves from drowning, they will eventually get tired. Do not risk your dog’s life; just rent a lifevest.

Keep a close eye on your dog if they are Brachiocephalic. 

Brachiocephalic dogs are dogs with short snouts or noses and faces. This feature hinders them from breathing easily. Brachiocephalic dog breeds have difficulty cooling down because of their body structure. They also have brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome, which causes them to have respiratory issues. These dog breeds are the most vulnerable to hot weather, so always check on them from time to time. Make sure that the environment they are in does not give them a harder time considering their condition.



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