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Tracey Tucker is the founder and owner of Tracey Tucker, a company that specializes in custom painting and custom home decor design. She also writes about home decor, home improvement, and the arts.

On a personal level, I love the fact that whenever the internet mentions my name, it’s usually accompanied by a picture of my house. I’ve even included a picture from the new website of my new house with the caption, “The house you are looking at was where my son grew up.” Also, if the internet mentions my name, it usually gives me a reason to put my house on my website.

Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be that hard to design a website with the same kind of information. And if you think about it, the internet is as much a part of our lives as our television and radio.

You might be thinking Ive just taken my house and put it on my website, but its not that simple.

That’s right, I did. But if you look at my website, it is, as you can see, pretty much the opposite of how I would want it to be. That is, I want my house to be the house anyone who lives in a home with me would want to live in.

Sure, Ive got a website, and my website is great.

Yeah, that’s fine. We’ve gotten so used to our homes being the only place we have to be ourselves that we don’t take much of a second to think about it. But when we start thinking about how we want it to be, we start to get carried away with ourselves. We think we own everything, but we don’t.We think we only have control over ourselves, but we don’t. We think we have a perfect life, but we don’t.

We have to stop doing this. We have to get real. We have to start taking care of ourselves. We have to start doing things for ourselves.

I love Tracey Tucker. In a short amount of time you can see Tracey transform from a shy woman who was caught unawares by a guy who was a few years older than she to an amazing woman who can not only defend herself but also hold her own with a guy who is not even her half-brother, and a woman who is a lot more confident in her own skin than she would have been before.

In a way the game is like a therapy session. It’s a game that helps you connect to yourself, but it also challenges you to keep challenging yourself. As we get stronger at something, things become easier and things become harder, but the process isn’t linear. It’s like trying to swim uphill all the time because you can’t, but you’re willing to keep trying until you find where you are.



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